FBUY3411 Sourcing and Supply: Sustainable Global Sourcing Report

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Overview:  To remain competitive fashion retailers need to ensure they not only develop

commercial product, but ensure they deliver to the right place at the right time, profitably.

To achieve this, retailers must develop an effective, sustainable supply chain for each product.


Task:  You will assume the role of a Buyer for a named fashion retailer, your task is to source a new product (e.g. A printed shirt-dress from Next) and analyse the sourcing processes required to bring the product to market in a sustainable manner.

Write a report to demonstrate your understanding of your garment’s supply chain giving evidence of your research and critical analysis which will inform your sourcing decision-making processes.


Word count: 3500 (-/+ 10%) Remember to be concise.  Additional information can be added to appendices.


Harvard referencing conventions to be used throughout (reference lists and citations within the text)




Where is the sourcing destination of your product? What are the risks and rewards?


Recommend an improved sourcing strategy which would optimise efficiencies across the supply chain. (eg in terms of product, cost, quality management, logistics, sustainability, speed to market, reacting to sales)


What are the current challenges on modern retail which may conflict with CSR principles and affect your retailers sourcing decisions? 



Which new sourcing destinations could optimise their supply chain? Consider your retailer’s ethos and strategy? (E.g. example are they fast-fashion, slow-fashion or value-orientated?)


How can their CSR policy be improved? 


Recommend creative developments or practises which may improve sustainability across people, product and planet.


Consider the future of fashion retail and sourcing, what changes may occur within the next 10 years and beyond.



Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of the assignment you will have met the following learning outcomes:

  1. Work independently applying taught knowledge to a personally managed project set in a ‘commercial context’.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the sourcing and supply process of textile products across international markets.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to make justifiable decisions based on commercial information.
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of the scope of supply chain management within the context of the textile industry and be able to demonstrate the practical application of this knowledge.

Demonstrate the availability to research commercial practice and compare this with theoretical concepts.

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