Family-Based Behavioral Treatment

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Description Social Work Reseach Paper 1.Search the clinical literature specific to family intervention that relates directly to the DSM diagnosis and the psychosocial case formulation in the case above. (3 pages). a. Select and review at least five major studies from this literature relating to family-based interventions. b. Identifies if these studies are considered current “best practices” and if they are based on the use of any evidence-based treatments (EBT’s). c. Make clear who the targets of the intervention are, i.e., specific to caretakers, parent-child, family groups, or conjoint family sessions involving the family system. d. Make clear how the research you cite relates to the psychiatric diagnosis, the psychosocial aspects of the case, or both the diagnosis and the psychosocial data. 2. Informed by the literature you have reviewed, propose a beginning treatment plan for the family. Respond to all of the elements below in your planning. (3-4 pages). a. State your outcome goals, i.e., what you expect the family will accomplish b. What evidence-based treatment might you use? c. Give your clinical reasons for your choice of intervention d. Identify who in the family system will receive the intervention and why e. Identify any collateral systems in the environment involved in the treatment and their role f. Identify potential obstacles to implementation and strategies to meet these obstacles g. Identify the practice theory or theories that underlie your intervention plan 3. Using critical thinking, assess the “fit” between the evidence-based treatments you are proposing with the particular psychosocial aspects of the case. (2 pages) a. Consider ethnicity, race, religion, cultural beliefs, life course events, family socioeconomics, forces of oppression and discrimination, and human rights. b. What individual aspects of the family and the family’s history must be considered while implementing any evidence-based treatment you have chosen? c. How might particular psychosocial aspects of the case mediate the treatment or need to be taken into account?

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