Explore the differences in criminal procedures between countries

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Respond to the following questions for Essay 1 in Week

3: Explore the differences in criminal procedures between countries. Within your selection, what revelations do you uncover related to the dynamics of justice within legal systems? Discuss the differences in the dominant role of the judge in civil law inquisitorial systems, the prominence of the defense lawyer in common law systems, and the role of the prosecutor as compared to the functions of an investigating magistrate. Essay Instructions The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to explore research. By the end of the assignment you will have a greater understanding of the political, economic, social and cultural dimensions of public budget development, execution, and evaluation. General Writing Requirements Your paper needs to be written as a narrative with no lists or bulleted items Should avoid first person singular “I” and second person “you” pronouns and should not be written in creative writing style (“Imagine for a moment that…” or starting the first page with a question like, “Have you ever thought of…?” or “Webster’s Dictionary defines ______ as…” are three common mistakes with this type of paper that instead needs to get right to the facts—like that old Dragnet TV show where Detective Joe Friday was known for frequently saying, “Just the facts, ma’am; just the facts” when the person he was interviewing as part of an investigation strayed into creative narrative); and Should be careful with spelling and grammar, of course, because basic writing errors will result in point loss. Formatting Your essay must follow these formatting guidelines: The paper must be no more than 5 pages (no less than 4 pages) formatted in APA style. APA formatting can be a bit like learning a second language. A separate cover page and a separate References page is required with neither counting toward the essay body page length.

You are not required to use headings in the paper but a “running header” is required. A minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal articles will be used in the assignment. Visit the Writing Resources for additional information on finding this type of source. References will not be more than 10 years old (written no later than 2008). Source crediting must be included in the paper body and at the end of the paper on a separate page titled “References” (without the quotation marks). Quoting is permitted but only very sparingly (one to two brief sentences per page) and it must be placed inside quotation marks and properly source credited. Failure to source credit and/or correctly quote, even if not intended, is, by definition, plagiarism and will result in an a zero assignment score for a first instance and course failure for a second occurrence in any other assignment without option for revision and resubmission to recoup lost points. Size 12 point font or smaller (times new roman is preferred) must be used throughout including the cover page and One inch margins must be used on all page sides. When in doubt of how to use APA, please refer to the following link: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/I

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