Event Involvement Assignment

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 The purpose of the Event Involvement Assignment is for you to experience an event from the perspective of an event manager. It is easy to attend an event and not see all the work that goes into event planning. For this assignment, you will spend time observing various areas of an event and thinking about how it is operating. Is it operating efficientlyl? Would you do something different? How to complete: Choose an event that is occurring locally. This event may be free or paid. You must provide proof that you attended the event. Proof includes a copy of your ticket, a program or agenda that was distributed to guests, or, another item that proves your attendance that is approved by your instructor. In order to maximize your learning experience at the event you attend, an Event Involvement Report will need to be completed covering three (3) topics. Potential topics are listed below. Each topic report must be at least one-page in length for a total of three (3) pages. Use the list below as an overview of the many elements of an event. While at, or after attending an event, record observations that relate to the following topics. For example, you may refer to the flow of the floor plan or whether or not there was an adequate amount of signage. Suggested topics as they pertain to the overall event: Parking Health & Safety Food & Beverage Volunteer Co-ordination Logistics Floor Plan Permits Vendors & Commissions Staff Involvement Décor & Theme Entertainment Traffic Flow Registration Volunteer Recognition Accessibility Ticket Sales Signage Marketing

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