Evaluate the impact of a technology or issue on aspects of communication within the organisation.

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You are the employee of a company who has been asked to evaluate the impact of a technology or issue on aspects of communication within the organisation. You need to do this research and present your findings in a business report (please note, this is NOT an essay), justifying your proposal/outlining your research and decisions. The aim is to research how this issue impacts on a real organisation, using some real research plus background reading on the subject. You will complete this assignment in three (3) parts.Part 1: Brief Project Overview and Annotated Bibliography = 15%:

1. As an initial step, you need briefly describe the problem and the organisation that your report will address. What is the website/technology you will be evaluating? How is it used and what kinds of problems does it aim to address? How do you know there is a problem with the current system/website? How do you think you will go about investigating this: what method(s) will you use? You will write this up in half-three quarters of a page. Include a screenshot of the website or graphic of the technology. This part is worth 5 marks.

2. You will also complete an Annotated Bibliography of six (6) references that you could use (see separate details of this in a handout in Week 3). If your summary, selection of references, writing or bibliographic layout is not done well, you may be asked to revise and resubmit. This part is worth 10 marks Part 2: Draft Report = 10%. You must initially submit a Draft of your report that will be marked and returned to you with feedback. Your draft must include all of the required parts of the report as set out below. Part 3: Final Report = 15%. You must then revise your draft along the lines suggested and resubmit the edited version. 12 Assessment Requirements NOTE 1: This report is not addressed to your tutor but to an appropriate Manager of the organisation NOTE 2: This is an individual assignment and cannot be done with another student. Plagiarism and collusion will be subject to academic misconduct action. NOTE 3: Both your draft and final reports must be uploaded into Turnitin before they are submitted. Failure to do this will result in your assignment not being marked. SCENARIO 1: You are considering introducing a new technology or implementing a major software upgrade for your company. Research the pros/cons, costs/benefits and compare a range of different product/system options. Also consider issues such as training, technical implementation etc. and any other factors that you feel are appropriate. Write a report to your manager outlining your findings and make a recommendation justifying your decision.Your report must include the following parts: – Title page, – Table of contents – Executive summary – Page numbering – Headings, subheadings and a decimal numbering system e.g. Executive Summary (on its own page) 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Method 3.0 Discussion (with relevant sub sections) 4.0 Recommendations 5.0 References (or similar headings)

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