Ethnography in Starbucks: Gender

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Ethnography in Starbucks: Gender

 1 is instructions for the draft paper and the second one is overall instruction for the entire assignment… The assignment consists of 3 parts.. Part #1 I already completed which is selecting a topic and place.. My Ethnography will be about Starbucks and I would like you to focus on Gender… Part 2 Is field work. Meaning you have to go to Starbucks and write down notes in the specific way that is mentioned in the overall instructions paper. Please focus on gender in Starbucks.. For example the difference between men and womens orders or whatever notes you manage to take on gender in Starbucks.. Please read the 2 exemplar ethnographers before you start anything in order to get a clear understanding of what this task is… After you take the field notes.. I would like you to dedicate 6 pages to writing the actual ethnography draft also please make sure you read the exemplar drafts to know what im expecting …

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