Ethics and Multicultural Competencies

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Read “Multicultural Counseling Competencies and Standards: A Call to the Profession” by Sue, Arredondo, & McDavis from Journal of Counseling & Development (1992). Answer the following questions. Response should generally be one or more paragraphs, or approximately 50-75-words per question. 1. Why do you think Sue, Arredondo, & McDavis (1992) are concerned “despite a long history of warnings and recommendations concerning the need to develop a multicultural perspective in the counseling profession”? Do you believe the warnings and recommendations by organizations mentioned in the article were warranted? Cite examples from the article to complete your answer and explain why you think it is important. 2. Which four groups do the multicultural competencies refer to in this article? 3. List and explain three of the rationales for multicultural perspective. 4. What ethical issues are listed in this article for working with multicultural clients? 5. List and describe three ethical codes that pertain to working with diverse populations. 6. From Appendix A, beginning on p. 484 of the article, Counselor Awareness of Own Values and Biases, list one way that you have become more aware and sensitive to your own cultural heritage and to valuing and respecting differences as explained in 1. 7. How could obtaining additional knowledge make one an ethically competent paraprofessional in working with a diverse population? 8. What is important about what you read in the section Understanding of the Worldview of the Culturally Different Client: Beliefs and Attitudes on p. 482? 9. After reading this article, what are your views about your level of multicultural competence? How might your level of multicultural competence assist you in developing an attitude of inclusion and openness as a behavioral health paraprofessional? 10. What surprised you as you read the Knowledge and Skills sections of this article? Why?

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