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I have no previous internships,
I have an associates in biology
I’m in SWE, Robotics, AAES, SHPE and MAES clubs.
Write a cover letter and résumé for an internship or job in your discipline.
Internships and other “real-world” experiences are vital for the applications of students in professional
and technical fields. Most students will opt to write an application for an internship, but whether you
are applying for an internship or an entry-level professional job, find an actual advertisement for the
position and write your application in response to that particular position.
Tailor the Application to the Job
In writing your application, the most important thing to do is to tailor your application to the job. That
means you have to match your experience and skills to the requirements for the position. Look carefully
at the advertisement, taking note of the terms used to describe the position and the requirements for
the position. Then reflect on your experience and find those elements in the work, research, and service
that you have done. In your résumé and cover letter, use the same terminology found in the job
advertisement. For example, if the advertisement says that the organization seeks an “independent
thinker” and a “leader,” those words should appear in your letter. You could also consider a section of
your résumé devoted to “Leadership Experience.”



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