ENGL 1020: Composition/Analysis University of Memphis Individua

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ENGL 1020: Composition/Analysis University of Memphis Individual New Media Writing Assignment Overview:   When we produce an argument, many of the decisions we make are determined by the rhetorical situation. Thus, when the rhetorical situation changes, so will our argument. In this major Multimodal Composition, you will be revising your researched argument using one of the digital apps we learned during the New Media Group Project.   Process: Review the New Media Group Projects posted in eCourseware.     Choose the app that you assess to be the most effective for conveying your researched argument.  Consider:   Who is my audience?   What is the most persuasive information I need to convey to be persuasive?   Do I need a lot of charts and graphs? Consider Piktochart.   Will my audience be most persuaded using video? Imovie.   Will humor work best for my argument? Powtoon or Pixton.   Outline your researched argument draft for the most persuasive information.   Revise your argument into a Multimodal Composition using your chosen app. Consider:   What tone is appropriate for the non-academic audience?   How can I best combine text, images, and sound to construct a sound argument?   What appeals can I make using linguistic, visual, aural, spatial and gestural modes?   Length: If you make a video, it should be 3-5 minutes.  If you make an infographic, it should be two pages. You will need to include an MLA citation page in your presentation. Caution: You are completely revising your argument for a new rhetorical situation.  It will not be adequate to cut and paste from your Researched Essay Draft. Your tone, structure, word choice etc. should change to reflect the new situation. Also, be sure to check how long you have free access, so your trial doesn’t end before you finish your project.   Assessment: Per the syllabus, this project is worth 20% of your overall course grade.

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