ENG 101: ESSAY #1 – Gender Expectations

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Write a three-page thesis-centered essay (minimum five paragraphs), not including the Works Cited page, on the questions below:

1) In what ways do gender norms negatively or positively (or both/neither) impact people? Society? Explain. (Give concrete and clear examples.)

Expand on the topic and your thesis with:


References to at least two of the assigned readings on gender:
#1 “A Woman’s Beauty: Put-down or Power Source?” by Susan Sontag
#2 “The Bad Feminist Manifesto” by Roxane Gay
#3 “Confronting the Superhero Myth” by Carlos Andres Gomez


Reference to one nonfiction source you locate on your own (newspaper, journal, magazine).


Include at least one direct quote from any of your required sources, in quotation marks, cited correctly. Do not rely heavily on quotes. Your essay should be primarily based on your own ideas and be in your own words.



You may reference your personal experiences/the experiences of women/men you know or know of. If you choose, you may incorporate your previous homework assignments to support your thesis. If you choose to do so, you must rewrite those assignments (where applicable) by incorporating comments and corrections as well as your own edits.



For this assignment, your Works Cited page must have a minimum of three sources:

Two of the assigned texts (Sontag, Gay, Gomez) and a nonfiction source of your own.

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