Elements of an integrated marketing communications plan for a product

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide experience in the process of developing the elements of an integrated marketing communications plan for a product/service/organization of your choosing. (Best to use small/medium size startups.) You will work on this project throughout the term corresponding to the course content. The first stage of the process is to create an abstract. The one page abstract due Fundamental IMC Planning and Decisions module should identify: 1. Your name 2. Firm name 3. Short description of the firm’s purpose, 4. Your reasons why you chose to prepare an integrated marketing communications audit for this firm, and 5. Key issues the firm is currently experiencing You will have the freedom to select your product; service, or organization, however, two factors should guide this selection. First, you should select a firm that could improve its market position by changing its marketing communication strategy and /or execution. In other words, market leaders should be avoided because they offer less opportunity for you to demonstrate your talents. Second, it is very important that you have access to the background information necessary for developing a strong brief. Background materials should be sought from your client, or in some instances, recent cases and websites can be useful in providing company specific or industry information. The second stage of the process entails developing a written brief for potential agency partners. The purpose of this document is to provide your agency a platform for creative development that allows your company to accomplish its strategic objectives while staying “on-brand” with your message. There is no page limit for this document. Your goal should be to present the material in a comprehensive yet concise manner.

You will utilize the skills you developed in previous marketing classes as well as this class to: (1) Perform a situation analysis (remember the 5C’s and SWOT); (2) construct a marketing strategy that takes into consideration the positioning and current communication campaign for your product/service; and (3) develop a clear communication strategy for the creative term to design and implement. The third stage of the process is the development of an integrated marketing communication plan that includes: (1) a “signature creative piece” that will specify the brand message and means of delivery to be used as the platform for the campaign; (2) a discussion of how supporting Marketing Communication (MARCOM) function will be utilized to maximize effectiveness; (3) rationale supporting the proposed creative development; (4) a proposed media plan that included a timeline for the launch of the campaign and its specific elements; (5) an accounting for how the budget will be allocated among the selected MARCOM functions; (6) a discussion of anticipated results and means for evaluating the proposed campaign. Your full audit is due as noted on your schedule of classes. The written project must be professional in its composition. The plan will be graded on its content as well as proper grammar, logical construction, and organization. You should use as many sources as necessary to prepare your plan fully. Sources include annual reports, journal articles, and newspaper articles, conversations with key employees of the firm, Internet articles, and other materials found via your library search. A presentation is also due, see canvas. An outline for you to follow is below. Please use subsequent headings and subheadings in your work. This assignment must be in the APA format. Point deductions will be made if directions are not followed. Here is an outline for your audit: 1. Executive Summary 1. Two page summary of the entire audit 2. Company Description 1. Highlights of the firm’s historical and recent operations 3. Strategic Focus 1. Mission 2. Goals 3. Core competency and sustainable competitive advantage 4. Brand image 4. Situation Analysis 1. Industry analysis 2. Competitive analysis 3. Customer analysis 5. Product, Price, and Place Marketing Program 1. Product strategy 2. Price strategy 3. Place strategy 6. Current Integrated Marketing Communications Analyses 1. Advertising2. Promotions 3. Personal selling 4. Public relations 5. Direct marketing 6. Database marketing 7. Internet marketing 7. Recommendations for an Improved Integrated Marketing Communications Plan 1. Organization of the firm 8. Implementation Plan 1. Plan to implement the strategies 9. Evaluation and Control 1. Plan to evaluate and control the strategies

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