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The process you need to target is the ASSESSMENT process. That encompasses screening details that should happen at every pregnancy visit that help identify the need to do further screening.
In the first trimester, that screening consists of:
Risk Factors-
Maternal age
Previous history of PE
Pregnancy interval
Assisted reproduction
Family hx of PE
Race and ethnicity

And at visits in the second and third trimester that screening is: (ie, the woman is asked at each visit):
Any headaches?
Spots in the eyes (scotomata/ scotoma)?
Right upper belly pain rather than just ANY pain? (Liver capsule involvement)
Just not feeling right?

The problem is often these are not asked UNLESS a symptom like swelling is overtly present. What if you were to ask BEFORE these are clearly evident? The patient knows best when these changes are happening.

Change test 1.
Educate nursing staff on the screening needs of their patients in both the first and second semester. Ie, they screen for risk factors in the first trimester and do a complete review of these symptoms above at each visit in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. As part of this change test they also start to assess each patient for risk factors a t their first OB visit

Change test 2.
You educate patients on warning signs of preeclampsia early in the second trimester. You also start having nurses doing those 2nd and 3rd trimester screening questions at each visit.

Resources to consider:
Click on the Recognizing symptoms of preeclampsia block and the Assessment block
See their info on proteinuria and the correct way to use urine dip sticks. Instruction in that could be a



  1. Evidence based solution/ tests of change (1 1/2 -2 pages)
    This is where students stumble. You are required to identify THREE evidence-based change tests aimed at improving 2-3 related poor outcomes. You should review these with Dr Gannon or Dr Bradley before getting too far into your paper. Use the evidence (RCTs, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or guidelines) to justify your choice of interventions. No lower evidence is acceptable
  2. Aim statement
  3. Process Improvement framework (1/2-1 page)

E.g., PDSA, SPO, Lean Six Sigma. There must be a CLEAR application of the framework to the process

  1. Stakeholders: (1/2 page) PDSA is the preferred
    1. Describe stakeholders and their roles/interests in this evaluation
    2. Your plan to engage them


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