Due to the growing ethical issues within the healthcare structure, can medical treatments be provided against a patients will?

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 Remember that a research study has to be feasible. In addition make sure that your literature review is thorough. You should also discuss the study population and define its characteristics. Further, you should inform the reader of how you will sample the target population. In addition, make sure that you address the ethical aspects of your research and how you will ensure protection of human right. Specifically, make sure that you address Institutional Review Board requirements and, certainly, the Informed Consent process. As far as your research design, make sure that you include your surveys and/or questionnaires. Keep in mind that you also have to specify how data will be collected and how you propose to analyze the data. Although you are proposing a descriptive study, it is likely that you will generate numerical data— e.g. age, age at negative outcome, dosage, etc. You should present these numerical data as statistical summaries, such as measures of central tendency and measures of variability.

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