Documented/Research and Warm Bodies

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Essay 2: Documented/Research and Warm Bodies

The purpose of Essay 2 is to gain proficiency in the principles of critical analysis and college level writing techniques while employing MLA documentation. In order to exhibit this you will need to: · Critically analyze elements from Warm Bodies · Present a critical thesis about Warm Bodies and develop it throughout the body using qualified critical sub-points and relevant observations of the human condition · Include a solid introduction (that follows the three step process) · Include a conclusion that does not contain new information but is not overly repetitive · Show critical analysis rather than the reporting of facts in a book-report or narrative type of style. · Adhere to Standard Professional English The elements above are similar to what you needed to do in Essay 1 (except this time the topic will be Warm Bodies). In Essay 2, you must also: · Incorporate your own personal experience in order to enhance the discussion of your sub-ject matter. This can be done by using the 1st person appropriately while avoiding an un-qualified 2nd person. If you choose to use the 1st person, your experience should be used concisely (usually no more than one paragraph, although you can choose to put 1-2 sen-tences of your first person experience in several paragraphs of the body); you should not tell your story from beginning to end (that would be a narrative rather than a critical es-say). · Incorporate and correctly cite 1-2 outside sources that further qualify your analysis into your paper. Sources must be credible and relate to your specific topic/analysis. In addition to the above, you will need to: · Qualify all of your assertions either by your personal experience or through support by an outside source · Utilize elements of pathos, ethos, and logos and exhibit smooth transitions of thoughts throughout the essay (see lecture notes for more information). · Appropriately cite outside sources according to MLA standards within the text and in your Works Cited page. The sources you choose to support your analysis must be credi-ble.

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