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The FITT-VP approach to developing an individualized exercise program is a very basic template to help ensure the primary components of a complete program are accounted for. The purpose of pre-participation screening in sports is to decrease the number of sport-related injuries and death by identifying individual abnormalities that may predispose an athlete to injury. Traditionally, pre-participation screenings consisted of a medical examination and a subjective history to identify potential risk factors for further injury such as cardiovascular conditions, asthma, diabetes, etc.  The American Heart Association (AHA) provides an outline of appropriate examination components and subjective history questions. Protocols such as the one provided by the AHA ensure consistent and uniform assessments; however, many professionals argue these protocols are not individualized enough to thoroughly analyze injury risk. In more recent years, professions suggest functional movement assessments be incorporated into pre-participation screens to identify any abnormalities in movement patterns that may predispose to musculoskeletal injuries.

For this discussion post, please offer how you would integrate the FITT-VP approach and the pre-participation procedures with an adolescent athlete seeking your expertise. (CO3) Please remember you are responsible for your post and replying to at least two of your classmates. Feel free to use the ‘Example’ post as a guideline for your post and replies.

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