Digital communication campaign.

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In this essay you must propose and present a hypothetical digital communication campaign. You are going to be responsible for suggesting a thoughtful and engaging persuasive message campaign. This proposal must us the key readings from this class and extend the ideas to a proposal for: A digital activist campaign A campaign of care using digital communication Critical analysis of a video game or video game fan community A proposed digital archive A digital campaign to promote a business or product. It is vital that you select a specific business, game, museum, organization or standing campaign to analyze. You’ll need to research how that organization or social movement persuades and then suggest changes in their digital representation that are savvy and supportable. Essay must include: Proposed digital communication that would change attitudes/reach and audience, Three distinct usages of the class readings, A topic that has significance, and meaning. Introduction, conclusion, bibliography, thesis statement, evidence an quality reasoning. PLEASE NOTE, this is not a campaign you will enact, but a proposal

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