Dicore mining company

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This case is about a company that provides drilling services for the mining industry. As you read through the case think about it in the context of our discussion on strategy and the SWOT analysis (external analysis and internal analysis). There is a lot of information provided in the body of the case as well as in the exhibits. Senior VP Paul Calvin must assess the opportunity of expanding into the southwestern US market and also figure out the best entry strategy if they do indeed go. Address the following in your one-page single spaced paper: 1. What are some of the recent trends in the mining industry, and what is driving these trends? How does this effect Dicore and its future direction? 2. Assess the southwestern United States drilling market. Is the market an attractive opportunity for Dicore to enter? Does Dicore have what is needed to enter and be successful in this market? If they were to enter the market how should they do it?

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