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In a three-section (current situation, Insurance, and Investing) 3- to 4-page discussion, including a title page, describe your current situation in life, then develop and describe your own plan for insurance, and finally develop and describe your plan for initial investing – as per sections 1, 2, and 3 below. It is highly recommended that you consult an insurance agent and an investment advisor in preparation for this assignment. Neither the insurance agent nor the investment advisor should charge you for an initial consultation. 1.First describe your personal and family situation including: •Your family status (e.g., married, # of kids, live with parents, etc.)

•Your housing situation (e.g., own your own home, renting, living with…) •Your job status including if your employer provides you with any insurance and any retirement benefits 2.Remembering that insurance is for the protection of your financial health: •describe the perils to which you consider that you [and your family if you have one] are exposed and •develop an insurance package that insures your financial health considering your exposure. Be sure to include any insurance that may be required by law. 3.Now develop and describe investing strategies, including: •your investing strategy before you took this course (if any) •a beginning investing strategy as discussed in this module •discuss any three investing for retirement opportunities that interest you SLP Assignment Expectations

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