Dates and Calendars

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 Introduction: One important thing about history is that dates matter. After all, as historians, we want to know when particular events took place, or at least which events happened first, and which took place later. But, as it happens, the dating system that we are using today is relatively recent. In the interests of helping you understand how we date events today, in this discussion, you will consider different calendars from around the world, and what they tell us about the civilizations that created them. Instructions: For this discussion, please select TWO of the following calendars, explain how they work/worked, and outline any similarities and differences between them. The Jewish Calendar: Egyptian Calendar: Greek/Athenian Calendar: The Gregorian Calendar: The Julian Calendar: The Gaulish Calendar: The Mayan Calendar: The Hindu Calendar: The Bali Calendar: The Chinese Calendar: The Islamic Calendar: The Persian Calendar: The Ethiopian Calendar: One note on dates in your textbook and in the above resources: Your textbook uses BCE and CE abbreviations to refer to dates. These stand for “Before Common Era” and “Common Era.” You may be used to “BC” and “AD” date designations from other books, and these abbreviations stand for “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” (Latin for “In the Year of Our Lord”). The two sets of abbreviations refer to the same thing: BCE = BC, and CE = AD. The reason that most recent historical publications prefer to use BCE and CE designations, rather than BC and AD, is to show respect to non-Christians, since the BC and AD dates are overtly Christo-centric.

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