Data comparison

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 You need to write a succinct response to the assigned Muddiest Point (See below), using illustrations and further explanations when necessary. You must cite at least 5 references in-text, including the following information: author’s name and initial(s); date published; title of source; page number; paragraph number; and, retrieved from URL. Acceptable references are textbooks and peer-reviewed papers. A lecture handout and/or non-peer reviewed online sources are not acceptable references. My muddiest point arises from when you compare your patients’ data to the normative data. In general, the normative data is collected from a sample study depending on gender, age, ethnicity, and geographic location. What if a patient comes in with a known abnormality that causes their craniofacial growth to deviate from the norm? Their values will obviously be very different from the norm so is there another set of data that they compare people with similar abnormalities to make sure they are growing similar to other people with the same abnormal development or do they still compare them to the normal value? 

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