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Informative Presentation Guidelines Informative Presentation Guidelines CREATING THE INFORMATIVE PRESENTATION ON CULTURE • TIME REQUIREMENT: 4 – 6 MINUTES The purpose of any informative speech is to explain a specific subject and to help the audience remember the knowledge later. Any effective speech also requires that the student integrate some concepts from the text, such as audience analysis to determine an appropriate topic and delivery strategy. For this particular presentation, your topic must be related to CULTURE. Your textbook defines culture in Chapter 5 as the “shared symbols, language, values, and norms that distinguish one group of people from another.” Do not confuse culture with ethnicity, which refers to ancestry or heritage. Obviously, different countries have different cultures. However, culture may be local as well. For example, how do churches vary in their practices or culture? (Remember a church could have members of different ethnicities who share a common religious culture.) Does NSU have a different culture than LSU? Does the military or particular military units have distinct cultures? Do gamers have a distinct culture? Think of any organization or group and start asking yourself what makes this group unique and what are their shared values, norms, “lingo” or jargon, and so on. Your presentation topic could be related to an aspect of culture personal to you or your family, or you can research a culture that interests you and will interest your classmates. Regardless, your presentation may NOT rely solely on personal experience. Research is required. Given the time limit of 4-6 minutes, you must narrow your topic, which could be social customs, traditions, holidays, food, artifacts, sporting or entertainment activities, and the like. For the purposes of audience analysis, your audience will be our class, for which you have been asked to be a guest speaker. During the semester, you will have had ample opportunity to learn more about your classmates. Although you are not required to “dress up” for your presentation, showing some care in your appearance can help with your credibility. Here are requirements: · Three research citations at a minimum; include in outline and state during the presentation · Visual aid and/or PowerPoint or Prezi · Presentation between 4-6 minutes in length · Outline posted to Connect by the due date and time on Connect; use outline template provided on Moodle · Video and reflection (your comments and completed rubric) posted to Connect by the due date and time on Connect · Presentation = 125 points · Outline = 40 points · Video and reflection = 15 points Here is MY Advice: · Plan the presentation and rehearse it for the time limit. You will want to leave the audience with a good impression. · Organize your ideas with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. · Deliver the speech from one 4″ x 6″ note card with just key ideas on it–if needed. The best speakers will have NO notes. A PowerPoint can serve as a visual note card. · Aim to address the audience with as much eye contact as possible.

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