Critcal Essay – Falaccy Neutralization

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Write a critical essay based on jobless generation film following the instruction as attached You are expected to provide a critical analysis of some (not all!) of the arguments in the film. To do this you must:

(1) watch the film; (2) roughly diagram its arguments; (3) analyze all the arguments as fully as you can by uncovering argument schemes and/or fallacies, and choose the schemes/fallacies you want to write a paper about; think of this step as your “research” stage – it needs time and precision (4) make connections with the schemes/fallacies you’ve noted to other course concepts in order to build your critical thoughts. In particular, your essay needs to incorporate principle(s) of argumentation (followed or violated), but you can also (briefly) address ARS, possible bias, or another theoretical concept if it bolsters your analysis; (5) develop a critical thesis that ties together the analyses you choose to write about; (6) start writing your essay. You are only submitting your essay. No outside research is required

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