Crisis Communication

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 Step 1: Read online article: about Crisis Communication Plans. Then, choose on additional article: to read. the second article should report on an organizational crisis that was not handled well. There are plenty to choose from. Move through the pages at the bottom of the screen to access dozens of articles about organizations managing crisis. Step 2: Using the first article, apply the Crisis Communication Plans ideas to the organization in crisis from the second article. Use at least three features of the foul-proof crisis plan in the first article to make suggestions for the struggling crisis management organization. Format: 1. On-half of a double-spaced page describing the first article, Crisis Communication Plans. 2. One-half of a double-spaced page should describe the second article detailing an organization in crisis. 3. On full double-spaced page should apply at least three suggestions from the first article (Crisis Communication Plans) to the organizational crisis, from the second article. Describe how the crisis organization could use the tips to help improve the planning and response to the crisis. 4. A bibliography stating the two articles used for the assignment in MLA format.

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