Creole Genesis Book Review

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR BOOK REVIEWSGENERAL INSTRUCTIONS:Your review should be between 1000 and 1500 words in length. The review is due on or before the date announced in class. You will be graded on the following criteria: originality, imagination, ability to follow instructions, and English composition. You are specifically warned against plagiarism–the act of passing off as one’s own the ideas or works of another. You are free to quote from other sources or from the book itself, but all direct quotations must be enclosed in quotation marks and be vital to the point being made. Anyone found guilty of deliberate plagiarism will receive an automatic “F” on the paper.Common mistakes which should be avoided in the writing of your paper include the use of passive voice and contractions, splitting of infinitives, and the use of first person (use third person only). Avoid referring to the author with a title, such as Mr. Jones, or Professor Jones, etc.. SPECIFIC POINTS TO BE COVERED:The following points should be covered at some point in your review. You do not necessarily have to adhere to the order in which they are presented. Your discussion should move smoothly from one paragraph to the next. Do not insert sub-headings for each point you include in your review.1. Bibliographical data: Place at top of first page of review.Example: Ladd, Everett Carl. The American Polity: The People and Their Government. Third Edition. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 1989. 2. Short summary of book’s contents: This summary should include a complete overview of the major aspects of the book. State the theme of the book and the author’s purpose and your evaluation of his success in achieving that purpose. (This information is often provided by the author in the preface or forward to the book.)3. Body of the review: Here you should give criticism of the book. Comment on the style, emphasis, sources, organization, bias of the author, and any other issues you feel need to be discussed. Type of reader for which the book is designed–do you think the book would appeal most to the undergraduate, graduate, the general public, or special group of readers. Emphasis of the work–does the author emphasize political, economic, military, social, intellectual, or other factors.4. About the Author: Provide some biographical information about the author–this should help to discover any biases held by the writer. What was the author’s purpose and your evaluation of his success in achieving that purpose? This information is often provided in the author’s introduction or preface.5. Conclusion: Give a concise evaluation of the book. Is it of any use? Who, if anyone, might profit from reading the book? What contribution does it make to our understanding of the subject? IN FORMAL REVIEW WRITING THE FOLLOWING COMMON MISTAKES MUST BE AVOIDED:1) Do not use first person in writing the paper.2) Avoid the use of passive voice in writing the paper.3) Avoid the use of most titles–i.e. Mr., Mrs., Dr. The titles of military, religious, and political leaders are allowed. 4) Spelling counts–be sure to use spell check.5) Before using the term “novel” be sure you understand its definition.6) Page numbers (except for the first page) go in the upper right corner of your paper.Any questions concerning format or style should be asked in class. Kate Turabian’s Manual of Style should also be consulted. A final comment: “What is written without effort is read without pleasure.” (Quote by Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784)

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