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Behavior Therapy or Cognitive Behavior therapy

Required Assignments (RAs) are substantive assignments intended to measure student performance against selected course objectives and/or program outcomes within a course. RAs are completed by all students across all Argosy University campuses and delivery formats without exception.

Each RA contributes to a significant portion of the overall course grade and is assessed by faculty using the grading criteria designed for that assignment. These are individual assignments and students earn individual grades. Required Assignment: Theoretical Orientation Development Plan Paper 300 pts

Description of RA: From what you have learned in this course, select a theoretical perspective that interests you the most. In this assignment, you will conduct a literature search on that theoretical approach and develop a personalized plan for your continued development.

Theoretical Orientation Development Plan Paper Review the literature and construct a paper presenting and supporting your personal counseling theoretical preference (choosing from the major theories studied in this course). You should conduct a computerized literature search on the particular theoretical approach that feels like the best fit. Remember to select a theory that aligns with your worldview and your perspective of the best therapeutic relationship. References should be from empirical/scholarly works that support and further define the position. You should include the following in your paper:

• Summarize the fundamental elements of your theory of choice, including definitions of important terms, personality development, and major historical figures associated with the theory.

• Explain how your personal worldview (e.g. core beliefs about others and the world) connects to the theory of choice. • Explain how the therapeutic relationship aligns with your interpersonal style.

• Discuss how your theory of choice addresses the multicultural nature of our diverse society.

• Present support for the effectiveness of your chosen theoretical approach by examining and analyzing the existing efficacy-based research. Include findings across age groups, gender, and/or multicultural groups.

• Discuss limitations of your chosen therapeutic approach, including any clients or presenting problems for which it may not be appropriate. Support your ideas with findings from existing research on the approach.

• Identify the ethical standards from the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics (2014) that apply to the use of an approach determined to be unsuitable for a particular group or presenting problem. Discuss the potential harm that could be caused by applying an unsuitable approach. Spring 1 – 2018

• Provide an example of how you would apply a minimum of two specific theoretical techniques to a fictitious client’s need.

• Provide a plan for how you will continue to develop your knowledge and skills related to that theory.

Your final deliverable will be a Word document, approximately 8-10 pages in length, utilizing a minimum of 7 scholarly references. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA format.

CACREP Standards: 2.F.5.a, 5.C.1.a, 5.C.1.b, 2.F.5.g, 2.F.5.h, 2.F.5.j, 5.C.3.b, 2.F.5.n, 2.F.2.c,

5.C.2.c, 2.F.1.i, 5.C.2.l

Theoretical Summary:   Summarize the fundamental elements of your theory of choice, including   definitions of important terms, personality development, and major historical   figures associated with the theory.

Summary clearly states all critical elements of the theory of choice.   All relevant technical terms are defined, theoretical understanding of   personality development is described, and the importance of each historical   figure is clearly and accurately stated. /40   pts.

Personal Worldview: Explain how your personal worldview connects   to the theory of choice.

Correlation between the   student’s worldview and the theory of choice is clearly stated. The effect of   the worldview towards the use of the theory is appropriate. /20   pts.

Interpersonal Style: Explain how the   therapeutic relationship described in your theory of choice aligns with your   interpersonal style.

Correlation   between important aspects of the therapeutic relationship and the student’s   interpersonal style is clearly stated. How the student’s interpersonal style   would be appropriate or be a challenge is clearly stated. /20   pts.

Cultural and

Developmental Considerations: Discuss how your   theory of choice addresses the multicultural nature of our diverse society   and individual developmental needs.

The effect of the theory   towards a variety of clients is accurate and clearly stated. /38   pts.

Theoretical Strengths: Present   research findings in support of the effectiveness of your chosen theoretical   approach.

Findings   are presented of at least one peer-reviewed, efficacy study on the chosen   theoretical approach. /30   pts.

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