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Watch the movie “Contagion”
Please note that this is one hour and 46 minutes in length, please plan accordingly.
Assignment: Please answer the following questions after viewing the film.
How long did it take a person infected with this disease to develop symptoms?
About how long from time of exposure to death?
What was the average number of people that an infected person would directly transmit the infection to?
Before a vaccine can be developed, researchers need to find a way to grow the infectious agent in a
laboratory. The problem with this microbe was that it quickly killed any in vitro cells the researchers infected.
What type of cell do researchers eventually find that allows them to successfully grow the microbe in the lab?
Did you find any similarities between the movie and the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, what are some of the
major similarities and differences between the MEV-1 fictional virus and the SARS-coV2 virus?





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