Conflict Theory on Healthcare Reform in the US.

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RESEARCH PAPER INFORMATION This course is all about having another way of looking at a situation in which you may find yourself one day. How can you see the world from different perspectives and weigh out your options? This paper will take a current event, research what has been done on the topic before, and then utilizing course material and scholarly articles, you will show how an applied approach will help our understanding and might even affect policy development. Students must submit an original research paper on a current sociological issue. The literature review section must meet the following requirements: • Written in APA 6th Edition format. • Must be a minimum of (5-6) pages excluding cover page and reference page…this does not mean (4) pages and a paragraph or two. This means (5-6) full pages at a minimum, not including a cover page and reference page. • Must have a reference page in APA format. • Must have a minimum of (5) acceptable scholarly references listed and cited in the body of the work. You are highly encouraged to exceed the minimum reference count. • Students may use the course text as a source, but make sure your other sources fit the category of being scholarly in nature. Wikipedia or general websites are not scholarly. Students should seek guidance from the instructor if in doubt about the acceptability of a source. • Double spacing is required between sentences and paragraphs per APA guidelines. • Use Times New Roman 12 point font when preparing the paper

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