Computer Science: DATA CENTERS

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Data Centres have decisive role in the dealing with the growing in traffic. The data centres today are not considered only a house of servers and hardware but, to satisfy the delay-sensitive application by providing speed services and the internet services providers by reducing the power consumption. The traditional data centres designs are usually made of switches and routers in two or three layers which is; access layer, aggregation layer and core layer, the three layers are in charge of managing the traffic going in and out .However, the traditional data centre architectures cannot keep up with the growing in the traffic that driven the industry to work on modifying the data centre architecture  .Mainly,  The architecture of data centres classified in two type; electronic data centre; and optical data centre.

1 electronic data center :-

  One paragraph

Electronic data centre include two type :

A    switch-centric :- one paragraph and write about its example  ( Fat-tree, Portland, VL2, and one-tier Qfabric, spine and leaf)

B    server-centric:- one paragraph  and write about its example  (BCube , Dcell , and Ficonn  )

2 Optical data center

one paragraph

 include two types

A    Hybrid Optical/Electronic

One paragraph and write about its example (Helios, C-through, and WDM-PON )


B full optical

One paragraph and write about its example (petabit)

One or two paragraph to talk about the nature of traffic in the data center.


Intra traffic

In-out traffic

Out-in traffic

    Use thise references  

‘A survey on architectures and energy efficiency in Data Center Networks’                                       Ali Hammadi, Lotfi Mhamdi

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