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Ethics in Computer Games and Cinema

Ethics Paper #1 Guidelines and Questions

Due via D2L DropBox by: Saturday, July 4th at 11:00 P.M.

For this assignment, you will be writing a 5-6-page paper on any TWO Normative moral frameworks and then you will explain how those frameworks would view any ONE movie or video game of your choice. Afterwards, you will argue either for or against the moral framework responses to your film or game. More specifically, I would like you to write your paper based on the following list of guidelines (in a series of steps). Based on these specific guidelines, the finished paper should end up being about 5-6 pages.

STEP 1: 1 Page

Introduce/explain what you will be writing about for your paper. Afterwards, describe any normative moral framework we’ve discussed in this class. Make sure you explain all of the main principles associated with this framework

STEP 2: 1 Page

Do the same thing you just did, but for a second normative framework.

STEP 3: 1 Page

Describe a movie or game. What is it about? What happens in it? Who/what people/company created it? When did it come out? Who are the main characters? What is the plot synopsis? What rating does it have? Is there any violence in it, language, sexual situations?

STEP 4: ½ Page

Explain how you think the first moral framework you selected would respond to the existence of this movie/game. Based on everything you know about this framework, how do you think it would react to your movie/game? Explain.

STEP 5: ½ Page

Do the same thing for the second framework you selected.

STEP 6: ½ Page

Do you personally agree or disagree with how your first framework would most likely respond to the game/movie in question? Explain.

STEP 7: ½ Page

Do you personally agree or disagree with how your second framework would most likely respond to the game/movie in question? Explain.

STEP 8: ½ Page

Conclude your paper by briefly summarizing each of your main points.

Additional Information

For this paper, you are allowed to select any TWO frameworks in normative ethics discussed in class. These frameworks include… Divine Command Theory, Natural Law Theory, Social Contract Theory, Ethical Egoism, Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, Ethics of Care, and Virtue Ethics.

Your overall paper will be graded based on clarity and the strength of your arguments.

For clarity, I will be grading based on how well you’re able to explain the ideas necessary to answer each of the questions listed above. Please be prepared to answer the question in its entirety. Any part of the question you don’t answer will cause you to lose points.

Also, don’t forget to explain philosophical ideas in YOUR OWN WORDS. Try to do this as much as you can and avoid using lengthy direct quotes from the book.

For strength of arguments, I will be grading based on how well an argument you’re able to form. Clearly introduce your claims and then provide main points to back them up. Devote your paper to fair and reasonable arguments so as to avoid personal bias.

Citing and Formatting

I expect you to use the Rachels text when citing. You are also free to use your notes.

As far as citations go, you do have to cite. However, since I already know the Rachels text, you don’t need a works cited page (unless you are using additional sources to make further points). You also don’t have to cite the movie or game you’re referring to. As long as you let me know what the movie/game is in the paper and what year it came out/who made it, that’s all I need to know.

You can use any citation format you want, just be consistent with it. Personally I like to use MLA (Rachels 12).

DO NOT Plagiarize. If you do, I will have to send your paper to the college and the punishment will end up being quite severe. Just don’t cheat and you’ll be fine.

For information about what constitutes plagiarism, see syllabus.

Make sure your paper adheres to the following requirements: Times new roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, one inch margins. Also, be sure to include page numbers. This paper will be worth a total of 75 Points (9 points for each step, including extra points for spelling/grammar/neatness/etc.).

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