Compare the software development process

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1. Compare the software development process with processes suggested for writing papers. Are there parallels; are there significant differences? 2. If you were designing a language and wanted it to be more like natural language, how would you choose to describe conditional statements and loops? How would your form differ from those of the languages you’ve studied? 3. When might a business decide not to have a web presence? What conditions might cause a business to avoid a web presence, and what changes might cause the business to reconsider? 4. What components necessary for an e-commerce business-to-consumer site would a “bricks and mortar” business already have, and what would be entirely new? 5. Given the kinds of information databases can contain, and how SQL queries may be used to retrieve the data, what are some restrictions a business might put on which employees can access what information in a business’ database? 6. Discuss the role of Big Data in a day to day life. Are Data Brokers ethical? Should our personal information, purchasing history, and various proclivities be for sale?

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