Comparative Analysis of Talent Management Processes

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1) Select an organisation with which you are familiar Ideally, this should be one you are working for but might be a company that you have identified online which has a lot of information readily accessible. If you have chosen a company from the internet, you will need to ask them if you can conduct primary research with them.

2) Analyse the organisation’s internal and external context, taking into consideration it’s sector, talent markets, organisational design and culture, and critically review the impact these elements have on talent management. Some of this information can be found online, or within company policies and documents. It can also be attained in an interview. You need to identify what the situation is for the organisation. What is it dealing with in its sector? What are the talent markets like in the country/countries of operations? What does the organisation’s design and culture look like? Finally- how do these elements impact on the organisation’s ability to talent manage?

3) Critically analyse two of the key staff management practices used within the organisation, and the impact this has on talent management. These could be, for example, the performance management system, communication processes, engagement methods, reward/incentive systems. This could be researched by a questionnaire or survey to some extent. Again, think about what the company does. Select 2 key staff management practices and link it to it’s impact on talent management. For example, does the organisation have a really good performance management system? How does this help manage their talent? What are the good and bad points of this system? And the impact?

4) Critically review the development processes adopted within your chosen organisation, bringing together your findings of organisational context, talent management and staff management practices. Specific focus should be given to teams, individuals and leadership development, and should included critical reflection on own leadership styles and capabilities in line with an appropriate theoretical model of your choice. This element is fundamentally bringing together how the organisation is growing and adapting in its environment due to internal and external influences as highlighted in point 2. You then need to make the link with point 3, and add the dimension of how teams, individuals and leadership development are impacted. You then top it off with a reflective element on your own leadership styles and capabilities: how these have been shaped. 5) Based on your analysis in points 2 to 4, develop recommendations that take into account implementation of any suggested development practices and initiatives. What should the organisation do to move forward based on your review? Highlight the key recommendations and the pros/cons if implementing the

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