Community Engagement and Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships

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Community Engagement and Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships 

Increasingly, consumers are voting with their wallets. More and more companies are realizing that giving back to their communities is not just good ethics, but it also makes good business sense. Company X has asked you to help it to create a solid community engagement program. Research corporate community engagement and what is involved.  What is corporate community engagement? What is social responsibility? Why is this a growing concern? Why is it important for companies to give back? Are there benefits or drawbacks? If so, what and why? Who engages in the best practices and what are the lessons learned? How could the company implement a successful community engagement program?oWhat criteria would the company need to develop to ensure success?oWhat possible nonprofit partners would you suggest and why? -Step Four – Writing your analytical research report. The body of your report will be 6-7 pages, double-spaced. You may include one page of visuals – graphs, tables, charts, etc… You must include one visual in your report. 1.Title page 2.Letter of Transmittal 3.Table of Contents and Figures 4.Report 5.Reference page -Use aspects of good business writing in this report – conciseness, clarity, correct grammar, and conversational tone. Do not use a style that is fancy, pompous, or wordy. Proofread your report several times. You must have at least one team member review your report before final submission. Keep this documentation for submission. You may also have other outside readers review your report (see the Writer’s Resource Lab).APA Formatting and CitationsYou must use a minimum of three credible sources, including one scholarly and one professional source (recall library session and databases discussed). The library offers free access to many online sources and databases, as well as printed sources. Your information must be from reputable sources (i.e. found from the library databases or other published sources) within the last five years introduction – 1/2 3/4 page -The introduction should do include your research question/problem statement, narrowed, focused, and clearly stated; a scope statement (specifying exactly what you are including and excluding), and the purpose of the study – i.e., why the company has hired you as a consultant. Page 3 Also, briefly describe your research strategy along with what indexes and databases you searched. Do this in such a way that the company’s board of directors will feel confident that you are systematic in your approach, and that your information will be complete, accurate, and relevant.Use meaningful headings and sub-headings in APA format to help your reader follow your report. Remember to define any new terms that the reader won’t immediately understand. As a transition to the report body, give the reader a brief preview of the way your report body will be organized. (Assume some knowledge on the part of the board; these people are business professionals after all. Keep your audience in mind; otherwise your report may be too long and too elementary.

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