Communication in PR.

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Type your paper using academic style writing to address the issues below. Please use 12 point, Times New Roman font, one inch paragraphs and double space. Part One 1. Why is research the basis for all PR Campaigns? Explain how it is used and the importance of it. 2. Research further the following methods – survey & focus group – and explain how they are used in public relations; when you might want to use each one for PR; and how you would go about employing the methods for a hypothetical client. Be sure to explore Survey Monkey or similar online survey options. 3. Using the textbook and online materials for writing survey questions using the Likert scale, write five survey questions for determining how UNiversty of Houston students use the MD Anderson library. Part Two This section allows you to choose a topic of your choice in the use of social/digital media for PR efforts and research it. You must choose a topic from below. Summarize and explain how to use this digital aspect for PR purposes. Topic ideas include using Instagram Hashtags, using Facebook boosts, etc. Choose a topic and summarize it. Topics can be found on

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