Comment (1) 150 words references and citation Health Issues of M

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Comment (1) 150 words references and citation Health Issues of Middle Age that Exercise can Prevent Prevalence of the Problem in the US Health promotion measures you would introduce/ physical exercise you would suggest/ Approach to gain cooperation Obesity- Obesity is defined by the CDC as having a body mass index of 30 or more. Those with a body mass index of 25.0 to <30 are considered overweight and at-risk for obesity (cdc, 2019). 42.8% of middle-aged adults in the u.s. obese. patients who already obese, likelihood that they getting enough physical activity is low. when developing a health promotion plan, nurse should include patient formulating plan. activities be based upon patient’s current level fitness. it not realistic someone obese would able to go out run mile every day. guidelines americans recommends starting with low expectations slowly increasing as tolerance built (department human services, 2018). such swimming, biking, walking, playing sports even gardening good ways start. if someone’s state or fitness does allow much exercise, important remind them any better than none. can start need to, once their small goals attained, move on bigger ones. continue doing this until meet recommendations activity. 150 minutes per week moderate-intensity aerobic recommended amount 2020). causes an increase heart rate. allowing over time approach cooperation. diabetes mellitus type ii- chronic disease which your body either produce insulin i, body’s cells have become resistant ii. most common form 90-95% diabetics ii 9.4% people diabetes, 33.9% prediabetes. one leading risk factors obesity. given that, make prevent same those difference education needed regarding blood sugars. educated effects exercise sugar levels monitor more closely order hypoglycemic episodes. extremely utilizing insulin. may plan during specific times day depending how (colberg, 2008). references centers control (cdc). (2019, december 23). diabetes. retrieved from prevention: https:>

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