Colonialism did more harm than good to African nations

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Primary source analysis forms a critical part of any historian’s understanding of a time period, trend, or event. You will base your primary source analysis essay on at least three separate documents from For the Record.

This essay will be a comparison/contrast paper; you will take a position on a major theme discussed in this class and argue your position based on three separate primary sources. For example, if you choose to argue that the settlement of the Americas was violent and oppressive to Native Americans, you might choose “Tecumseh on Indians and Land” and compare it to other documents discussing European settlement and encounters with Native Americans, such as “Bartolome de las Casas on Spanish Treatment of the Indians.” It is not important that you make an earth-shaking argument; it is important that you take a clear position on one of these major themes and defend it accurately, demonstrating your knowledge of history. You may choose to do an essay on any of the following broad themes: religion; ideas about government; women’s rights; family life; slavery; literature; art; historical outlook; philosophy; law; economics; warfare; everyday life; race; colonialism; science and technology.

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