Climate change (global warming, greenhouse effect, climate justice, etc.

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Description This assignment is a research paper on an issue related to the human impact on the living environment, habitats, land use and natural resources. You must bring to the analysis of the selected topic (you have to choose a topic from the list below) a thorough feminist critique that elaborates on the chosen subject and integrates concepts of gender, race, class, and social justice. Be aware that a critical analysis is essential for this assignment and that critical thinking does not imply negativity but shows that you evaluate the texts you read academically. The research paper should be in essay format but make sure to answer all six questions (see A-F below). To enhance the flow of the text, it is recommended to integrate the answers to the given questions rather than answering them one-by-one. You may, however, use subheadings in the body of your paper if you feel more comfortable with such a structure. The paper topics* are: 1. Biodiversity (loss & conservation of biological diversity); 2. Climate change (global warming, greenhouse effect, climate justice, etc.); 3. Deforestation (illegal logging, rapid pace of destruction, etc.); 4. Extraction of natural energy sources (either A: Tar sands mining; or B: Fracking); 5. Food production (industrial versus sustainable production; corporate food system, etc.); 6. Waste (landfills, incineration, various types of waste produced from human endeavors, etc.); 7. Water scarcity (in North America and globally). *Be aware that only papers on one of the topics from above are accepted; if in doubt about your topic, contact me. Use the following questions as guideline and try to answer them as appropriate: A. What are the physical/natural elements of this environmental issue? B. What are the human elements of this environmental issue? C. How does this environmental issue affect women in particular? D. How might actions taken to lessen the impact of this environmental issue effect other environmental issues? E. In your opinion, what can be done to improve the situation for humans in general and women in particular? F. Would you agree with the premise that all environmental issues are political issues? Think globally! Explain in your paper where the environmental issue you have chosen is most prominent – outline the importance of tackling the chosen issue at global, national, and local scales if possible. Your work is required to have a length between 1400 and 2000 words and include a title page and reference list (title page, reference list or possible appendices are not included in word count). At least two suitable articles from peerreviewed/scholarly journals and/or non-fiction books should be incorporated (use APA format for in-text citations and for the reference list). Non-scholarly material from the courseware package and the internet can be used in addition to the two peerreviewed/scholarly references (provide the page reference to the original document for direct quotes if possible, not the page number of the courseware pack). All pages (and figures and tables, if incorporated) must be numbered; all citations (and figures if included) must reference its original source (use APA format!). This assignment (as a WORD document, not PDF) has to be submitted electronically only via Blackboard before noon on March 18. The marks for the paper will contribute 35% to the total course grade (see attached assessment rubric for details). Prior permission or provision of an official document is required for make-ups; late submissions will be docked 5% per day. At my discretion, the assignment might be checked for plagiarism. This service may be used for some or all student research papers, as the case may be.

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