Civic Engagement experience

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 (500 to 750 words) -Eduardo Rivera • Describe your past or future civic engagement experience, or describe someone else’s civic engagement experience. (See writing/civic engagement rubric.) • 10 of 200 points for first draft. • 20 of 200 points for in-person Writing Center tutorial. Length and Format Requirements • 500 to 750 words. • Full Complete Draft. A full-length draft has at least 500 words. • APA Format. Create an APA title page (but NOT an abstract) for your paper. • Research. No research or sources are required. For this paper, if you complete an interview, the interview is NOT a source that’s listed on the Reference page. • Thesis Statement. You are required to have a thesis statement for this paper. • Narration. Write this essay in either first or third person viewpoint, not second person. In this paper, you are (1) to describe and explain your own civic engagement experience or (2) you are to describe and explain someone else’s civic engagement experience. If you take the second approach, then you should interview someone, you know, who has experienced civic engagement. Both approaches to the assignment require you to define civic engagement. The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), defines civic engagement for us (see • Civic engagement is “working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.” (Excerpted from Civic Responsibility and Higher Education, edited by Thomas E hrlich, published by Oryx Press, 2000, Preface, page vi.) In addition, civic engagement encompasses actions wherein individuals participate in activities of personal and public concern that are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community.

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