charter schools vs. public schools

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charter schools vs. public schools Description Full Topic!!!!!- Charter Schools vs. Public Schools, which one better prepares today’s youth for college and career readiness? Title page Abstract Main Body Introduction 1. Identification of the problem area: Identify an issue of importance to the field. a. What is the problem you want to research? b. Why is it important to know more about the issue? 2. Background: Address the history of the subject. Include a brief historical analysis of information about the topic–developers, origin, trends, field of study, concepts and principles—create the foundation of your research. Literature Review 3. Article Review: Locate and summarize 5-8 journal articles that act as guides to your studies. These summaries should address the current state of information about the subject, what has happened within the field around this topic within the last five years. Synthesize this information by making connections between the information in the journal articles. 4. Graphic Representation: Present a graphic representation that adds context and depth to the understanding your topic. Include a caption that explains what the graphic illustrates and its importance to your topic. 5. Identification of question(s): State your research question to guide the rest of the proposal. Now that you have summarized the historical and current research on the subject, What question(s) could be asked to expand the knowledge on this topic? This research question (or hypothesis) will be the foundation of your proposed study on this topic. Methods 6. Analytical Plan: Briefly, describe the data you will collect AND how you will collect it. a. Interviews, surveys, focus groups, experiment groups– to answer your research question(s). i. Who are the people you will need (to interview, to survey, etc) in order to collect information that will answer your research question? b. If the nature of your study is a thing, what are you testing and what will you test it on? Reference Page APA Source in APA throughout paper 12-font Times new roman 1.5 spaced show graph repersentation somewhere in paper

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