Chapter 2 Literature Review

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 Please read chapter 1. Then write the chapter 2-literature review. The purpose of chapter 2 is to provide a review of the bodies of literature pertaining to the purpose of this study – an examination of organizational leadership through human resource management (HRM) and the relationship between the two. Chapter 2 must be aligned chapter 1. Be sure to summarize the literature around the following section themes and allow several authors to “speak” at once, creating a dialogue about a topic between multiple researchers and their findings. Your review should not read like a book report (one author or study after another), instead, you should strive to construct sentences and paragraphs that reflect multiple sources in one reference. This means that the majority of your citations should look like this (Smolka & Walters, 2013; Walters, Smolka, & Young, 2014). Please synthesize this information and not just summarized the literature. No introduction is needed. Please write the following sections: Theory of Transformational Leadership, Organizational Leadership through HRM, Role and Responsibilities of OPM, Historical Overview of HRM, HRM Defined, Dimensions of HRM, Measuring HRM, Historical Overview of Employee Innovation, Complexity of Employee Innovation, Dimensions of Innovation, Measuring Employee Innovation, Organizational Leadership through HRM and Employee Innovation, and Summary All references must be peer-reviewed and within the last 5 years.

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