Marganalization of the black quarterback

In writing about the marganalization of the black quarterback, the case study of rush limbaugh vs donovan mcnabb should demonstrate just so and how it differs from other writers analysis on the media portrayal/perception of the african american quarterback, differentiate it from any other case study and how it fits in historically with other cases studies on the marganization of the african american quarterbacks and how the media view african american quarterbacks

Omnichannel Marketing for brand commitment

Read Chapter 10: Omnichannel Marketing for brand commitment & Chapter 11 Engagement marketing for brand affinity from text Marketing 4.0: Moving from traditional to digital (ISBN 9781-1193-41208) and then answer all questions including details and examples/ Utilize at least 1 citation from text and 2 professional references with citiations FOR EACH CHAPTER in body of writing as evidence to support your answers (professional journals). Cover page, separate references, page numbers, running head, subheadings for questions. 2 full pages for each chapter.

elements of an organizational model of health care

 This assessment requires you to use information from your assigned readings, the literature and leaders in your organization to answer the following questions. If you are not currently employed by an organization, gather information from a nurse leader or quality management colleague. What are the organization’s quality program goals and objectives? What is the organization’s quality management structure? If there is not a formal structure, who is responsible for quality management in the organization? How are quality improvement (QI) projects selected, managed and monitored? Does nursing staff have any input? State if quality improvement inservice programs are available for staff in your facility and describe a brief overview of the content. What quality methodology and quality tools/techniques are utilized? Are they effective? Why or why not? Provide rationale. How are QI activities and processes communicated to staff? Is the communication effective? How could it be improved? How does the organization evaluate QI activities for effectiveness? What is the process when the QI activity is not effective? Provide 2 examples of a QI initiative that has been effective in your organization. Describe the QI process that occurred. What was the impact on patient outcomes? Did it result in a change in practice?

Paper One Assignment: Explicating Othello

Explication is a reading practice that asks you to focus on a small part of a text. It helps you develop an interpretation, claim, or argument about a text by asking you to identify details that seem important, speculate about their significance, and turn this speculation into a conclusion about the text as a whole. Explication is not a summary, nor is it a word-by-word explanation of the text. You can think about explication as an analytical tool, a way to break down language and complex ideas so that the meaning of the text becomes more apparent to you. Explication takes what is implicit or subtle in a work of literature and makes it explicit and clear. Articulate for your readers what they haven’t seen before because they haven’t interpreted the evidence as you have. For this paper, you are to locate a passage of about ten lines that contains a moment of irony and explicate it. We’ve seen how Iago’s soliloquies create dramatic irony.

And the fact that at the play’s end almost everyone is dead while Cassio lives, when so much of the drama had been about his potential demise, is one of Othello’s greatest situational ironies. See the attached handout “The Ironies” that describes yet other types of irony. How and why is the irony you find important for our understanding of the play? (You’ll also find this handout on this week’s Context Page). Again, don’t tell us something we can all see readily ourselves. Try to bring to light aspects of the play that might be otherwise missed without your close study of the passage’s language. Above the title of your paper include the passage you have chosen (single-spaced). Your paper should be about four pages in length (not including the passage) and follow all other formatting guidelines listed on the course wiki. Generate initially more thoughts about the lines you’ve selected than you can use in a final reading. After generating, narrow the focus of your analysis, first by drawing connections across your interpretations, and second by sorting and editing those connections into a cohesive and organized reading. We’ll practice in class how to prioritize and edit your ideas. Close reading is often a circular process. You usually must go around and around – details, associations, and conclusions – and back through the cycle again to really arrive at solid analysis.

Section C – Finite Element Analysis of the beam (by hand

Section B – Analytical calculation of the beam (10%)

For the shape of cross section that you have selected in A.8 above, select dimensions from catalogues and draw a sketch showing the beam under a three-point bending test (use the given point load). Supports and external loads must be clearly shown and justified. Sketch the Free Body Diagram of the beam and calculate analytically (hand calculations) the maximum shearing force, the maximum bending moment, the maximum deflection and the maximum normal stress due to bending. The hand calculations must be clear and complete. Also, fully define all the necessary information for these calculations and justify your selections. Initially, ignore the self-weight and then repeat the calculations including the self-weight.

Section C – Finite Element Analysis of the beam (by hand) (20%)

For the purposes of the current section, model the entire beam as an assembly of two beam elements and, after carrying all calculations by hand, get a solution for the vertical deflection. More particularly, for each one of the two elements, write the stiffness matrix and, based on that information, update / form the global stiffness matrix of the structure. In the sequel, apply proper boundary conditions and solve the so formed system of equations. For this very last step (solution of system of equations), any software (e.g. MatLab, MS Excel, etc.) may be used. After getting a solution for the nodal displacements, estimate the maximum deflection, the maximum bending moment, the maximum shear force and the maximum normal stress due to bending. Also, estimate the reaction forces and check for force equilibrium. Furthermore, estimate the reaction moments and check for moment equilibrium. Initially ignore the self-weight and then repeat the calculations including the self-weight.

“high human development” and “low human development”.

″You will write a 2-3 page expository essay style paper that focuses on two countries: on from the list of “high human development” and one from “low human development”. You will need to keep track as to which websites you used to gather your data and provide in-text citations and works cited page in MLA style. Your paper must discuss your findings and ways in which the countries are or are not meeting the THREE economic goals: economic growth, low unemployment, low inflation.″

What consideration must the restaurant owner weigh in whether to open for lunch? 2. What is the role of fixed cost in the owner’s decision?

 The business of selling below cost Chaklader, Barnali. Businessline; Chennai [Chennai]15 July 2016. How can e-tailers sell for less than cost price? There is probably some sound underlying logic How can e-tailers sell for less than cost price? There is probably some sound underlying logic Major players of the long established offline sector are complaining loudly about the low cost strategy of the online sector. Offline retailers are accusing e-tailers of selling products below cost. Online retail is being financed by private equity in a major way. If we think logically, private equity players will never invest in a business model that will result in losses. There is no doubt they want a decent return on equity. This forces us to wonder why these etailers are selling products below total cost. People’s lifestyle has changed over the years and more so with technological innovations. A Comscore report says that three out of five internet users are shopping online. The survey also says that the number of online shoppers in India is expected to rise to 56 billion by 2023. Online shopping’s rapid growth and popularity is due to heavy discounts, convenience of shopping, growing traffic and parking problems in the metropolitan cities. Offline retailers have understood that e-commerce is going to give them tough competition. Fewer overheadsOnline retailers have a low overhead cost. Their fixed costs are fewer as compared to offline sellers as they do not have to maintain the shop with different levels of interior decoration depending on the customer segment they target to serve. Offline retailers have to bear the cost of holding inventory in the warehouses and shops, as a ‘just in time’ technique would not work in this type of business model. E-tailers take orders online and have tie-ups with the vendors who deliver the products directly to the customers. Online retailers incur huge cost on advertisements, offer huge discounts, cash on delivery and the cost of returning the products by the customers within a stipulated time period or even at the time of delivery of the product. Many bear huge infrastructure costs for maintaining back-end warehouse services. As per the theory of cost-volume-profit analysis, in the short run, fixed cost is considered to be irrelevant for decision-making as it is incurred even if there is no sale. Employees have to be paid, so does rent, and the firm has to bear many other fixed expenses. If the selling price per unit of the product is more than the variable cost per unit of the product then there is a positive contribution margin per unit of product. The seller tries to maximise the total contribution by increasing the volume of products.

High Water Mark

 This paper has to be about the Battle of Gettysburg topic and my topic is the High Water Mark. The title of the battle brief has to be centered and in Bold. It has to be 450-550 words. Font Times Roman. Font Size 12. 1 inch margin top/bottom left/right.

Simulation Activity (Modelling Project)

 DESCRIPTION The aim of this assessment is to apply modelling principles, spreadsheet engineering technique and modelling skills to develop a decision model for a given business scenario using the information provided. You are the business analyst of Omega Pty Ltd and have been given information regarding the business activities for the Year 2017, 2018 and 2019. The General Manager have request you to develop a decision model to analyst these information and submit a 1500 word summary report on the findings of your analysis and recommendation for the proposed Maroochydore outlet. The summary report must discuss and address the queries of the following stakeholders: 1. General Manager: Relevant exception trend reports & graphs, & overall profitability by location & product 2. Finance Manager: Financial performance including ability to forecast next year financial performance for various sales forecasts (eg 10% decrease, 10% & 20% increase) 3. Purchasing/Inventory Manager: Inventory turnover performance. 4. Marketing/Sales Manager: Sales performance compared to plan & trends. 5. Staff/Administration Manager: Staff allocation and performance. 6. Management: Recommendation for Maroochydore outlet. Instructions In helping you to prepare the business report, you MUST do the following to provide evidence to support your discussion and recommendation. Part 1: Decision Model (75%) You will be provided with a decision modelling template. The template contains many worksheets that has been designed to assist you to build the decision model to address the queries of the stakeholders mentioned above. You are also provided with series of videos to guide you to complete the template. You are required to apply modelling principles, spreadsheet engineering technique and modelling skills to complete the template and develop an analytic decision model. Part 2: Summary Report & Communication (25%) Structure your summary report by addressing the queries. Focus the report on findings of your analysis. Recommendation for Maroochydore outlet must be supported by your findings and analysis. A sample report structure is provided for your reference. Project Deliverables In this simulation activity, students are to demonstrate their ability to apply modelling principles, spreadsheet engineering technique and modelling skills to develop a decision model using Microsoft Excel for a given business scenario using the information provided. Appropriate “what if” analysis (goal seek, data table and scenarios), multi-dimensional pivot tables, and appropriate chars and graph are to be used to present and analyse the information provided. Together with the decision model, students must also submit a summary report (word limit: 1500 words not including appendices) of their findings and recommendations. Note: Students should keep a back-up copy of their decision model.

Managed Care

Managed Care

Complete a brief management analysis of health prevention initiatives, cost containment strategies, quality improvement, and population health focus as they relate to managed care. Do these initiatives and strategies work? Explain why or why not. The book used for this course is Essentials if Managed Health Care (6th Ed) – Kongstvedt / 5 creditable sources