Case study 4 – Kirat Housing Development Society

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In an essay format, address the following questions:

1.If you were Lee, what short- and long-term courses of action would you take? Be specific.

2.What is Karl’s role in this situation? How can you best leverage his presence to move toward your desired outcome in question 1?

3.In your estimation, what is the percentage of Fortune 500 companies that have been asked for bribes in a large contract negotiation in the BRICS countries? (use additional resources here) 4.What are some ways that an organization could prevent an inexperienced employee like Phil from getting into this kind of situation in the first place? 5.From the perspective of Col. Bhaman and Yousuf, how could Phil’s acceptance of the gift left in his hotel room be best used to influence the situation in their favor? 6.Assume you were a board member who had just received a memo from the chairman explaining Phil’s perspective on what happened in his meeting with Yousuf. How would you handle each stakeholder (KHDS, Karl, Phil, fellow members, CEO)? 7.If Orion decided it did not want to win the contract through illegal means but wanted to maintain a relationship with KHDS, what tactic would best allow it to do so? If Phil decided to go to the authorities as a whistleblower, what short- and long-term career consequences might it have? 8.Given the FCPA text provided in Appendix 1 of the case, does Yousuf’s suggestion of delivering the payment through hiring him as an external consultant present a means around the FCPA? Why or Why not?

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