Case Study #1: Transformation & Polarity (C45

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Page, G. & Breedon, J., L. (2013) Whole System Transformation and Polarity in Action. In Carter, L., Sullivan, R.L., goldsmith, M., Ulrich, D., Smallwood, N. (Eds) The Change Champion’s Field Guide, Wiley, San Francisco, CA. For your write up to the case study, read the appropriate chapters in the Change Champions Field Guide (Chapter 10) and the case study chapter itself. As you work through the chapters and begin to develop your paper for submission, make sure you develop a thematic focus on the central problem of the case study. You should also make sure you’re utilizing high quality and, if possible, scholarly sources as support for your rationale. You can choose from a variety of concepts and theories to explore and explain what might be happening to the organization in the case study. In your paper, describe and explain the rationale for how creative leadership could be important to implementing key changes within the organization. Make sure to provide ample details that outline the circumstance of the situation in the case study. Describe in detail the steps that will be taken to address the central problems in the case study. Also, make sure to mention any potential limitations or unintended consequences of the solution. Consider the following questions as you analyze the information in the case. ~ Identify what organizational challenges are impacting situation ~ Describe what aspects of the organization could influenced by the leader ~ Develop recommendations based on concepts and theories from our leadership texts ~ Describe the steps that a leader might use to enact change within the organization ~ Identify the measures that can be used to track effectiveness of the change implementation Paper requirements: Your case study write up will consist of multiple parts combined into one file that you submit. , depending on the format for your training material examples and evaluation materials. Overall, you will have 3-4 pages of content that covers the key background info, critical challenges, potential solutions, and rationale for the solutions that fit the case study. You should provide definitions, examples, and explanations as needed throughout the paper. You may also provide additional supporting materials presented as appendixes to your paper. You should also include a minimum of five high quality or scholarly sources as support for your analysis and recommendations. Include an APA formatted title page, body of paper with proper headings to identify sections, citations, and references. Keep in mind that the page count above does not include the title page, appendices, and references. Make sure to utilize the OWL Purdue APA website for formatting – (Links to an external site.)

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