California Geography

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Format: You need to have a cover page. The paper needs to be 2-pages (minimum of text) must be double spaced, one-inch margins, and 12-point font (Times New Roman). Due NOT quote!!! You need to paraphrase your references. If you are not sure how to do so, see Mr.V!!!! Not paraphrasing your document is plagiarism!!!! (Any plagiarism will not only earn you a zero for the assignment, but also a memo will be placed in your file at the records office!!!!) In the paper please talk about the geology of your state (NOT! the geological hazards that is the second paper). You could talk about the overall geology or pick one area to focus on, e.g. instead of talking about the whole state, maybe talk about the caves found in that state. Simply, talk about the geology of your state. You MUST provide the references (you need in-text citations) that you used websites are fine. (Do not use Wikipedia). You are not limited to 2 pages (this is a minimum); you can write more if you so choose.

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