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Using your workplace organization or any organization that you are familiar with as a case, describe in
between 500 to 1000 words, the background, nature and operations of the organization. The description
must capture the following.
 The formation of the organization and how long it has been in existence
 The leadership and culture
 The industry of the organization
 Competition
 The various services or goods provided
 Any national laws, acts or legal frameworks governing its activities
NOTE: The background provided must help as context or source of reference in answering the questions
below. That is, there must be some relationship between your answers and the organizational context.
1. Using the impact/influence stakeholder framework below, identify at least one grouping of
stakeholder in each quadrant. Based on your company’s operations/business, identify and explain
strategy(ies) that you will spell out to management to help manage each of these four (4) different
2. Given an opportunity to contribute to your organization’s ethical growth,
a. Propose one (1) code of conduct and one (1) code of ethics for management to consider
adopting. Explain the underlying reason(s) for your proposal.
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b. Suggest a way(s) to help staff internalize these codes
3. Give two (2) reasons why in your view the proposals you made in question 2(a) may not be as
effective as you expected within your organization
4. Using the framework of ethical theories below illustrate with examples from your organization
how issues in any two (2) of these four (4) ethical theories play out in your organization.
5. Describe yourself within any one of the frames of values listed below. Explain what that
particular ‘value thinking’ is about and why you see yourself in that light. You may use an
example of a situation you were confronted with in your work place and how you reacted as an
a. Traditionalist
b. Modernist
c. Neo-traditionalist
d. Postmodernist
e. Pragmatist.
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a. Appropriate paragraphing of work
b. Font type – Times New Roman
c. Font size – 12
d. Justify the write up (i.e. alignment on Microsoft Word)
e. Harvard style referencing (which includes in-text citations plus a reference list). All
references must be from credible sources such as books, industry related journals,
magazines, company documents and recent academic articles.
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