Burnout- signs that are key indicators of burnout.

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Burnout is something that those working in the human service field must be aware of and look out for both in themselves and coworkers. This interview gives you the opportunity to discuss the topic of burnout and compassion fatigue with an individual already in the human services field. Conduct an interview with someone who works in human services, answering the questions from the University of Phoenix Material: Caretaker Interview. Obtain faculty approval before conducting your interview. Write a 825-1000-word paper discussing the interview. Include the following: Provide a summary of the interview. (Do not include a question/answer of the entire interview) Explain how burnout is different from compassion fatigue. Identify the signs that are key indicators of burnout. Explain the levels or stages of burnout that the interviewee experienced. Describe prevention strategies that the interviewee finds helpful in the field. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. CARETAKER University of Phoenix Material Caretaker Interview Find an individual in a human services field or other helping profession to interview. As you are selecting your candidates, you may want to consider contacts you made during your field experience placement or reach out to areas where burnout is prevalant, such as chronic disease centers, hospices, caregivers, case managers, or counselors. Keep the interview length brief, but be sure to include the following questions: 1. Tell me about a time that you experienced burnout. What kinds of feelings did you experience? 2. What were the circumstances in your worklife at the time that you experienced this burnout period? 3. What do you feel could have been different about the situation to alleviate the burnout for you? 4. What do you do to address self-care now, such as getting enough rest and exercise, eating right, meditating, and having good work boundaries? 5. What advice would you give to a novice human services worker to avoid burnout? 6. What does your organization do to help prevent burnout or compassion fatigue? 7. What services does your organization offer to employees suffering from burnout or compassion fatigue? 8. Which do you see more prevalent in your organization; burnout or compassion fatigue? 9. What advice would you give a peer who came to you and thought they were suffering from compassion fatigue?

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