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 This assignment is based from an excel spreadsheet that you have previously done for me and just needs filling out some more alongside a 2000 word report this time which discusses its findings. This assignment is all about making the home that is being discussed in the spreadsheet more energy efficient by various means and proving to my client that it is worth the cost implications. Fill out the spreadsheet tabs such as U-Value Wall/U-Value Roof & U-Value Floor with any additional factors you can add to a building to make those areas more energy efficient and add their cost and why its reasonable and worth it for the client to use this. Discuss: – Cost involved for changing all materials etc – THE SPACE AND WATER HEATING TAB is key as it needs to contain all the correct figures for all the changes we could make to this home. – This assignment is all about improvements and if it is worth it for the clients home. Check the pie chart on the space & water heating tab to see what the highest percentage is that is using the most energy in the house and discuss how to make this more energy efficient and what we would add. Discuss all of what we would add to this house, how much it would cost (materials etc) and why we should add it to make the house more energy efficient. This MUST be in a 2000 word report with lots of screenshots from the spreadsheet to support everything you discuss within the report itself. Any problems let me know as soon as possible. Deadline 13th December, please try and give it back to me earlier. I will also attach the first assignment which you guys done as well so you have some sort of reference of what this assignment is leading on from. 

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