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1- pick a company and have logo ready to use in capstone assignment 2- identify the company’s home country 3- using the company’s annual report or it’s website or supplemental research familiarize yourself with the company’s home country and the markets that the company is currently operating in. If you wish to challenge yourself: research markets that the company would like to open. 4- become familiar with in-text citation for your research 5- review the interactives in previous modules to select key terms from text chapters that you will employ in each section 6- conduct current event research through credible sources 7- as part of your overall research you will identify an ethical or social/environmental responsibility concern. This may appear in any of the module sections below 8- Your paper will have 4 sections that correspond to each Module. Each Module will be labeled. a. Module 1 – research home or host country factors in the last 2 years that might affect the company’s mission. – what is the impact of the home or host country’s externality on the company b. Module 2 – What is the home or host country’s trade policy? – How has the home or host country implemented this trade policy ie. Government intervention. Cite specific examples c. Module 3 – Pick a topic of your choice from Module 3 that applies to the case study. Cite sources and be specific as to why you think the company’s mission is impacted by your selection Before you can proceed with the next section you will be developing a goal or mission for your selected company, this might be one that you are recommending or inspired from your research d. Module 4/Most important analysis because it brings everything together – Select and connect two chapters that are in strategic play to accomplish the goal for this company. Credit the chapter and bold face the topics that you have selected 9- MLA8 biblio format 10- Create a summary graphic. At the center is the main goal that you are suggesting for the company. Contributing to the goal are each of your solution-based recommendations

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