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Written Assignment This assignment contains a very powerful analysis of how bias and statistical manipulation have resulted in flawed medical studies (hint: do not attempt to understand the statistics he presents. Focus on the concepts the author is trying to address). Read the article and write a 3 page report answering the following questions: Write a summary of the article. Indicate your assessment of what the article is about and the major findings of the article. What is the author’s thesis or main point expressed in this article? Why does he believe that most medical research is flawed? How does this article relate to what you have learned in class about experimental research? Before reading this article, what were your beliefs and attitudes toward the quality and accuracy of research studies findings published in professional journals? How has reading this article changed, if at all, your beliefs and attitudes toward published research findings? What does the author believe can be done to improve the quality and objectivity of research? Do you agree or disagree with his recommendations? Explain. FORMAT: 3-5 pages of analysis, 1″ margins, double spaced, normal font. Include a title page and reference page in APA format. All papers must be neatly typed and proofread

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