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 paper should include 1) WOT analysis about the company “BALL company” 2)Financial Statement Analysis including financial ratios: Write a 2 page summary in which you describe what you observe about the financial ratios for your company (double spaced). And you can also discuss the most interesting and relevant changes from one year to the next from your calculations. After reading the MD&A and footnotes, you should have a good idea of why certain ratios and figures changed from one year to the next. If certain changes are not explained, try to think of reasons why the figures might have changed. For example, did one part of an equation change in greater proportion than another part? (i.e. did a numerator grow much faster than a denominator?) Why might that have occurred? These observations will vary greatly depending upon the company you are analyzing. Some things you may want to consider are: Has the company drastically increased or decreased its use of debt? • Has the company’s liquidity position changed over the three years? • Has ROE been rising or falling? If so, what has contributed to this change? • What trends do you see developing in the data? • Do you see any major changes in the financial status of the company over the time period? 3) Stock Valuation including comments on about calculations of beta , calculations for WACC, and whether the stock price is over or under valued which you can found on the excel sheet.

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