Assessment Brief: M.Ost PT / BAO2 / Reflective Essay / 2018 – 2019

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Reflective Essay (1000 – 1200 words)

Description of task from Unit Information Form (UIF):

You will submit a reflective essay that discusses the role of personal values, beliefs, circumstances and other key factors in influencing how and why patients present in osteopathic practice and how an osteopath’s values and responsibilities influence their role in patient care. You will support your work by drawing on classroom and experiential evidence to inform your discussion.

Assessment Outline:

Drawing on your experiences observing in the UCO Clinic, describe a patient interaction you have observed (approximately 200 words). You should explore how personal values, beliefs, circumstances and any other key factors may have influenced why this particular patient has sought an osteopathic approach to their problem (400 – 500 words). Reflecting on your own values and beliefs, what would you consider your responsibilities to be in offering effective and authentic osteopathic care (400 – 500 words).

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